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State of the Stomp

A stack of power supplies sold by popular manufacturers.

Take care of your pedals by giving them the power they deserve.

A heavy-duty, isolated power supply that costs $200 to $250? Nah, I’ll just find a cheap off-brand one on Amazon. But a $450 point-to-point, 2-knob fuzz pedal? Heck yeah!

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Bohlinger Builds a Gig-Ready “Broadway” Pedalboard
Bohlinger Builds the Ultimate Broadway Pedalboard for Gigging in Downtown Nashville

JB gets a little help from his pedal friends and puts together the ideal stomp station for performing in Music City's SoBro district.

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The CopperSound Foxcatcher Overdrive pedal gives you the choice of supplying it with 9 or 18 volts.

In the realm of gain, why not equip more stomps with the option of higher voltage?

Let’s talk a little bit about voltage as it pertains to pedals. We live in a 9-volt world, a place where that rectangular battery has been, and still kind of is, king. You know … the one that you can test the life of by touching the terminals to your tongue? You don’t? Yeah, me neither! That’s weird. So, whenever I’m not testing 9-volts with my tongue, I like to think about voltage and how it relates to powering these musical devices we’ve grown so fond of.

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How our noise-crazy new pedal columnists developed a rad take on recycling with their Telepunk Fuzz.

Meet the Telepunk Fuzz. This is one of Sehat Effectors’ best-selling devices. Let that sink in, because it’s unconventional—to put it lightly—and very cool. Here’s how it happened.

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Busted stompbox? Here are tips from a tech on when to repair and when to despair.

It is a cruel world out there, and no quarter is offered to your pedals, no matter how carefully you proceed from gig to gig. Just like an amp or guitar, your pedalboard can become an instrumental part of what you do as a player. But broken pedals are natural given they’re instruments that you step on, so getting them repaired is something we’ll all need to confront. While we’d love to have nothing wasted and everything working, whether or not something can be fixed reasonably is not always cut and dried.

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