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Builder Profile: Fodera Guitars

Builder Profile: Fodera Guitars

Building a Fodera Bass

LEFT: Joey Lauricella handles the installation of all electronics in Fodera basses. RIGHT: Vinny Fodera carefully carves a bass body.

LEFT: (top) Vinny handcarving, (bottom) Working on a Standard neck. RIGHT: A quick check on the tuning.

TOP LEFT & RIGHT: Sanding a bass body and neck. BOTTOM LEFT: Prepping a bass body for the glue press.

LEFT: Using a pin router in preparation for inlaying the Fodera Butterfly logo.
RIGHT: Reviewing bass necks in their early stages.

LEFT: Spraying a Yin Yang Deluxe. RIGHT: Every inside cavity is handlined with copper foil in preparation for the electronics.

LEFT: Vinny Fodera tightening clamps on a newly glued headstock. MIDDLE: Vinny doing some fine detail carving. RIGHT: Joey Lauricella sanding a bass.

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