Gazillions of tone colors lurk in this box of swampy fuzz and funky filters. The PG Fuzzrocious Croak review.

Recorded via Shure SM57 and Apogee Duet to Garage Band with Guild X-175 and Fender Vibro Champ.
Electric rhythm track recorded at low gain, filter 1 and 2 settings, and high output volume.
Electric lead features real time adjustments to gain, filter 1 and filter 2 settings.


Deep reserves of unexpected filter/fuzz sounds. Amazingly deep fuzz textures.

Precise filter settings can be elusive and difficult to return to.


Fuzzrocious Croak


Ease of Use:


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Onstage or in the studio, the Dingwall Super P''s modern take on a legendary design can and will tackle it all.

Breaking from tradition can be a slippery slope. But when a talented and passionate craftsman does so with an instrument, the possibilities and results can sometimes be downright incredible. Sheldon Dingwall, founder of Dingwall Guitars, falls into this camp. Whereas not entirely a household name, the basses rolling out of his workshop are known in the bass universe for envelope-pushing designs and superb construction. These attributes—combined with upscale features and versatile tone—have helped turn a number of players on to the quality basses being built in the company’s humble workshop in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

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With the RatRod Roadster Custom, Baudier Guitars has successfully synthesized the design aesthetic of the rat-rod subculture and electric guitar design in an instrument that plays and sounds great.

It’s not uncommon for a guitarist to hot-rod a guitar or amplifier—that is, modify it for enhanced performance like a race car builder might. Baudier, however takes the hot-rodding concept in a slightly different and more literal direction, offering souped-up guitars that also borrow cosmetic cues from hot-rodding culture. Talk to Tony Baudier, the brains behind the company, for a minute and you’ll understand why. “I love cars,” he says. “I was a professional drag racer and I couldn’t think of a better idea than to make guitars like hot-rods—cool-looking and high-performance. That’s been the concept of Baudier from the start, cars and guitars.”

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