The Astro is a Custom Series model, made to order in the USA in an array of hardware configurations & unique finishes.

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A handwired 35-watt combo that can switch between pentode and ultra-linear modes for added versatility.

It’s doubtful there has been another time in electric guitar history when you could choose from so many amps based on classic circuits. Many of these are near-perfect recreations built with newer, more reliable components. Others, though, take the streamlined simplicity of old amps and add tasteful and functional features that lend versatility—easing the maintenance commitments and space issues attendant a stable of vintage units. You can file Tone King’s new Sky King in the latter category.

The Sky King is the first handwired Tone King amp in 20 years (along with the 20th-anniversary Imperial), which is exciting for anyone who digs the vintage-inspired work of this Maryland company. But some of the biggest news here is the inclusion of a pentode/ultralinear switch, a distinctly non-vintage option that really expands the sonic palette of this 2-channel, 6L6-equipped 1x12 combo. The result is a simple and incredibly versatile 35-watt amp that’s at home onstage or in the studio. With just a little effort and a few switch flips, you can coax the Sky King to deliver everything from smooth jazz tones and R&B colors, all the way to the most saturated, raunchy rock sounds.

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Nik Huber''s Rietbergen is an exceptionally fine instrument that reflects the talent and equally exceptional qualities of its creator.

Since 1996, Nik Huber and his team have been crafting highly regarded electric guitars from their shop 20 miles outside of Frankfurt, Germany. With an emphasis on quality, measured growth, and a genuine love for the guitar, Huber has thoughtfully expanded his line to cover multiple facets of electric guitar design. From his flagship Dolphin to the Les Paul-inspired Orca, the Tele-esque Twangmeister, and the Les Paul Junior-influenced Krautster, Huber covers a vast sonic landscape.

An archtop was a logical extension of the line, and the team embarked on that mission in 2011 using his single cutaway Dolphin model as the foundation. The first prototype became the first production model, with just a few modifications. The result, the Rietbergen, is an exceptionally fine instrument that reflects the talent and equally exceptional qualities of its creator.

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