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Dunlop's Authentic Hendrix ’68 Shrine Series pedals pay tribute to Jimi by adorning special editions of the Fuzz Face, Uni-Vibe Chorus Vibrato, and more with custom finishes featuring art from John Van Hamserveld’s '68 Shrine Auditorium poster.

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Rig Rundown: Ariel Posen [2023]

The silky smooth slide man may raise a few eyebrows with his gear—a hollow, steel-bodied baritone and .017s on a Jazzmaster—but every note and tone he plays sounds just right.

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DIY: 7 Must-Try Wah Techniques

PG’s own Nikos Arvanitis takes the crying out of wah-wah with this simple guide to seven techniques for the venerable device.

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Walrus Audio Melee Wall of Sound Demo | First Look

Reverb and distortion collide and shapeshift via joystick control in Walrus’s latest weirding machine.

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Lauren Audio’s latest puts Neve’s coveted 1073 circuit in a stompbox.

After our columnist had a serious accident, respected indie pedal maker James Mackey organized the community to help. Here’s his story.

Summer 2022 sure was crazy for me. Between trying to keep my small pedal business alive and juggling the few other hustles I have going to survive financially in this current economic climate, things were pretty hectic. Then, in August, I was involved in a serious car accident … a head-on collision. Thankfully, the airbag and seat belt saved my life. I stumbled out of the car, completely shocked and humbled to be in one piece after I saw the wreckage. While I will most likely be dealing with the resulting lumbar issues for the rest of my life, I can’t express how grateful I am to still be here.

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