October 2016

Shred Your Enthusiasm


Shred Your Enthusiasm: Blues-Rock Obstacle Course

October 8, 2012
Chops: Intermediate Theory: Intermediate Lesson Overview: • Add some blues firepower to your lick arsenal. • Become a string-skipping ninja. • Develop the skills to become a harmonic ninja
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Shred Your Enthusiasm: Aristocratic Arpeggios

September 5, 2012
Balance hammer-ons and pulloffs with picked notes to create a smooth sound.
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Shred Your Enthusiasm: One, Two, Three, Four

August 10, 2012
If one had to choose the best “one, two, three, four” in all of recorded music, who would get the prize?
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Shred Your Enthusiasm: The Oldsmobile Rides Again

November 15, 2011
How a flat tire inspired a whole new view of arpeggios.
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Shred Your Enthusiasm: Stranglehold by Starlight

October 18, 2011
Playing over jazz chord changes can be one of the most humiliating experiences a rock guitar player can ever face.
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Shred Your Enthusiasm: Seafood and Juggling—a Love Story

September 20, 2011
The following phrases are so fresh to me, if they had legs they would still be wiggling around in the air.
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Shred Your Enthusiasm: Reticulated Python Eats Bear

August 16, 2011
Can I bite off a giant arpeggio and digest it in one bear-sized piece? Or will I get better results from dividing up the arpeggio into smaller segments I can digest gradually over time?
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Shred Your Enthusiasm: Thanksgiving at Ted Nugent's House

July 19, 2011
This month, I want to show you how to play minor seven flat five, and why it sounds so good.
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Shred Your Enthusiasm: The Super-Hendrix Scale

June 14, 2011
The reason that this scale is so groundbreaking to me is that it gives me something unique to do over the V chord in a blues progression.
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Shred Your Enthusiasm: How to Practice Pole-Vaulting

May 17, 2011
Have you watched pole-vaulters on the Olympics? I’ve always wondered what a lesson for a beginning pole-vaulter might look like. How do you practice something like this slowly? I
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Shred Your Enthusiasm: I Meant to Do That

April 19, 2011
Crafting solos by playing well-selected notes on purpose because you like the way they sound, not just because they happen to fall in a convenient spot where your fingers were going anyway.
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