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Darkglass Microtubes B7K Ultra Review

May 19, 2016
A sturdy box for bassists that delivers wide-ranging drive and an impressive EQ section.
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Quick Hit: Grace Design FELiX Preamp

May 4, 2016
An investment-grade preamp that offers powerful EQ controls, dual channels, and a flexible interface.
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Radial Headload Review

March 3, 2016
A high-quality load box and guitar D.I. with many pro features.
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Quick Hit: Red Iron Amps Pedal Pusher

February 28, 2016
Heavy-duty and cleverly flexible preamp delivers subtle but super-effective signal enhancement.
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Massive Unity Reveals the T.A.E. Pedal Unit

February 22, 2016
The T.A.E pedal is a full-analog amp simulator for direct line connection.
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Scott Eric Olivier Unveils the PEDALpUNK!

February 11, 2016
Use any analog device, such as guitar effects pedals, to interact with computers without any quality loss.
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A-Designs Audio Releases the Reddi V2

January 23, 2016
A dual-mono-channel, 19-inch, all-tube DI.
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Aspen Pittman Releases the Duo Tonic

January 8, 2016
The Duo Tonic offers incredible touch sensitivity and authentic drive while creating the true cranked-tube sound.
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Agave Audio Introduces the Cumbre Preamp

January 5, 2016
A point-to-point handwired boost designed to drive the front end of your amp.
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Wampler Plexi-Drive Deluxe Review

August 27, 2015
A more versatile version of Wampler’s “plexi-in-a-box.”
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ISP Technologies Beta Bass Review

August 19, 2015
A pro-level bass preamp that resides on a pedalboard.
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Tronographic Boxidizer Review

August 6, 2015
Tronographic's preamp sounds beautiful and ferocious.
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SNAMM '15 - Mad Professor Evolution Orange Underdrive and Simble Predriver Demos

August 5, 2015
The Finnish company releases two new pedals—a preamp/distortion and an OD designed for cleaner tones.
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Hudson Electronics Broadcast Review

July 28, 2015
A beautiful handmade germanium overdrive with more tonal range than its 1960s predecessors.
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Wren and Cuff Gold Comp Review

May 29, 2015
A germanium compressor/preamp—and a magical tone masseuse.
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Musikmesse '15 - Orange Amps Rockerverb 100 MKIII & Orange Bax Bangeetar Guitar Pre EQ Demos

April 30, 2015
The legendary amp company revamps an old favorite and jumps back into the pedal game with a preamp stompbox.
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Orange Releases the Bax Bangeetar Guitar Pre-EQ and Rockerverb MKIII Amps

April 15, 2015
The company's first foray into the pedal market since the 1970s.
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EWS Introduces the Tri-Logic Bass Preamp III and Bass Mid Control 2

April 14, 2015
The new BMC2 introduces a new gain boost function that provides +10db of gain at the input stage.
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Rocktron Unveils the Velocity 100 LTD

April 10, 2015
A limited-edition upgrade of the company's most popular preamp.
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