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Media Review: 100 Country Guitar Lessons


Chad Johnson and Troy Nelson
100 Country Guitar Lessons


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The "lick-by-numbers" approach that many guitar books preach is not always the most efficient and logical process to envelope oneself in when learning a new style. Thankfully, Hal Leonard's new Goldmine series moves past that with their 100 Lessons line of books. In the country edition (written by Chad Johnson and Troy Nelson), nearly every imaginable subtopic of country guitar is explored, along with a two-page lesson full of enough riffs, licks, and solos to keep your hands full for a while. The topics range from the more elementary (such as basic open chord licks) to more advanced (13th chords and triple-stop bends), but still retain the approachability that will help keep novice guitarists from giving up within the first 20 pages. Also available in blues, rock, jazz, and acoustic flavors, the 100 Lessons series is a good value for players who want to either investigate an entirely new style or add some new tricks to their bag.—Jason Shadrick


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