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Godin Icon Type 3 Electric Guitar Review

Godin Icon Type 3 Electric Guitar Review

I didn’t keep the H.D.R. on all the time, however. For rock playing with overdrive, I let the Lollar P-90’s creamy, midrange tone sing without any additional enhancement. If I did want an extra push, I would switch on the H.D.R., effectively scooping the mids for more cut during rhythm playing and a little more bite and gain for lead playing. With or without the H.D.R., the Lollar P-90s had me hooked with their balance of midrange, clarity, and warmth. These pickups inhabit an ideal sonic space that’s brighter than a humbucker, yet has a fatter, thicker tone than a traditional single-coil that breaks up very smoothly with distortion.

Perfectly Weighty
The ICON Type 3 just feels like a solid, well-built guitar. It does have some heft attributable to the mahogany body, but the chambered construction makes it lighter and less back-breaking than some Les Pauls. The chambered body also expands the guitar’s tonal range considerably, combining a solidbody’s concise attack with a resonance and ring that’s apparent even when you play the guitar unplugged.

The Graph Tech ResoMax bridge and dense ebony fretboard definitely contribute to the guitar’s richness, sustain, and snap. And its action was perfect, right out of the case—high enough to do some deep bends, but low enough to really shred if I wanted to. The neck profile wasn’t too fat or thick, and suited my grip and playing style just fine.

The Verdict
The ICON Type 3 is a sophisticated instrument with high-quality features and exquisite looks. With its impressive sonic versatility and quality components, it’s certainly a guitar that can give other set-neck mahogany electrics a run for their money. And given the advantage the ICON Type 3 has in terms of price, versatility, and quality electronics like Lollar pickups and the H.D.R. High-Definition Revoicer, the ICON has the potential to become a standard, even an icon, in the years to come.

Buy if...
you’re looking for top quality and versatility in a package that looks more expensive than it is.
Skip if...
only a snappy bolt-on solidbody will do.

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