October 2016
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Jetter: Gain Stage Green, GS3 Dual Overdrive, and Gear Vibe Pedal Reviews

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Gear Vibe: The left channel part has a slow mild vibe setting, while the right channel fills have a deeper faster setting.
Gear Vibe
The original Uni-Vibe was devised to provide guitarists with the sound of a rotating speaker in a small box, replacing the massive Leslie cabinet used by organists. While much smaller, in pedal terms the Uni-Vibe and most subsequent emulations remain fairly large. Jetter’s Gear Vibe offers this sound in the smallest package currently available.

Jeter has not reduced the size by skimping on anything that might affect the sound. Present is the classic four-stage, lightdriven circuit that is essential for accurate tone. High input impedance ensures that it will not load down your guitar signal, and unity gain output negates the need for a volume control. This true-bypass unit operates on any high-quality 9V power supply. In a pinch it will work with a battery for up to an hour. The cryptically labeled knobs are for speed and depth, while a single pulsing status LED glows brighter for intensity and faster for rate.

The tone of the Gear Vibe is, in a word, vibe-o-licious. Most of the Hendrix and Trower sounds we associate with the Uni- Vibe fall within a rather narrow range of speed and depth and those tones are amply covered here. As with the original, a little grit post-Vibe helped to bring out the sound, which was lush and warm.

Of course, something has got to give in such a small package. What you won’t get is stereo, and there are no real-time ramping or speed control options. Still, given you love the warble of a Uni-Vibe but can’t afford an original or fit a larger clone on your pedalboard.
Buy if...
you love the warble of a Uni-Vibe but can’t afford an original or fit a larger clone on your pedalboard.
Skip if...
you can afford an original or need more sounds and control.

Street $259 - Jetter Gear Vibe - jettergear.com

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