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This take on the lesser-known but brawny-sounding Tone Bender Mk III inhabits a pretty unique expanse in the fuzz universe.

Rotosound Fuzz

Few names have more renown for fuzz fiends than the Tone Bender. But getting to the essence of what a Tone Bender really is is a labyrinth that can claim the sanity of even seasoned fuzzologists. Different versions abound, rebranded specimens and copies lurk at every turn, and even within specific types, differing components can make individual units sound worlds apart.

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Mojo Hand FX announces the Rook Royale, and expanded version of their Rook overdrive pedal.

Shreveport, LA (March 13, 2013) -- MojoHand FX recently announced an enhanced version of their Rook overdrive entitled the Rook Royale. Here are the details:

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The new Sonuus Wahoo pedal captures the spirit of simple synthesis, the vocal responsiveness of a great wah, and both classic and unusual modulation effects in a single robust design.

Up until recently, U.K.-based Sonuus had been primarily known for its work with guitar-to-MIDI converters. But for all the company’s focus on software and interfaces, the new analog—yes analog—Wahoo pedal proves it’s not quite ready to commit whole-hog to an all-digital future. This dual-filter wah for guitar and bass captures the squawky goodness of vintage-voiced wahs, harnesses the musical potential of LFO and envelope filters, serves up pitch-detect functions, and delivers cool twists on familiar modulation effects. But it also takes advantage of Sonuus’ copious expertise in the digital domain by marrying an analog signal path with digital controls that yield an impressive range of fat-toned effects—up to 100 of which can be stored as presets.

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