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A New Year To Think

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Greetings Premier Guitar readers! I am honored to be writing this for you and for having the invitation to do so from Trent Salter, the publisher of Premier Guitar. These little “lectures” will be written by some of the Creation Audio Labs staff. It is our sincere hope that we can be of service to you by providing helpful information and possibly answering a few questions in this column … we’ll certainly do our best!

First of all, in the spirit of the new year, I’d like you to think about the way you think about things. No, really … think! We have just entered a new year in a time when everything is moving extremely fast. We have more opportunities now than we have ever had at any other time in history, for both great things and for disaster. Technology has taken us to places further than old Leo, Les, and Jim M. could have imagined “back in the day.” The way we think about things should be changing as well.

The way you think about the way you play your instrument matters. The way you think about the way you sound matters. The way you think (or not!) about the proper use of your gear matters. The way you think about people matters. The way you think about you matters! Does that make sense? All things matter! Your attitude. Your intentions. The way you live life. The way you think. All of it.

Okay, okay, so what’s the point, and what has this to do with playing guitars? The point is that one’s success or failure in any endeavor is primarily up to that individual. If you think you can … you can! If you think you can’t, then you’re right, you can’t. It’s that simple. So why not straighten out that attitude, posture, and intention, and pick up that guitar and play (and not just like yesterday!)?

QUOTE “Technology has taken us to places further than old Leo, Les, and Jim M. could have imagined “back in the day.” The way we think about things should be changing as well.”

There are more things available to us now to help us achieve great things, and just as many things to take away our dreams in an instant. The way we use our thinking machine is the key to how we come out on top. Test yourself. How do you really think? Do you have big dreams? Why not? Why settle for less? Things matter. Think about that!

One of my favorite authors, by the name of Napoleon Hill and long since dead, wrote a book called Think and Grow Rich. Notice that it wasn’t called, Settle for Less and Grow Rich. I truly didn’t “get it” until a few years back. I wish that some mean Master Poe would have beat it into my brain to actually use my brain – i.e. “think”– a long time ago.

So now that you’ve been given the homework assignment of thinking about your guitar (and your life!), we can look to the future. Our upcoming articles will cover some very interesting aspects about guitar and bass sound, in particular from a pro audio viewpoint. Believe me, there is a very big difference. We also will be presenting a few tips from one of our close friends who just happens to have about 81 million (!) records worldwide with his name on them as producer/ engineer. We’ll get this together, and we’ll all learn something!

Gary “Sarge” Gistinger
President, Creation Audio Labs, Inc.
SEARCH effects
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