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Gadotti: The 10-string King Nylon Electric


10-string guitars have been part of the classical guitar family’s evolution but have never been conceived in an electric nylonstring chambered body design until now. Jeanfranco Gadotti of Gadotti Guitars has designed the 10-String King Nylon Electric, creating the perfect balance of Old World craftsmanship and New World design.

The 10-String King is tuned with the first six strings being conventional; the Yepes Tuning for the remaining four strings is C, Bb, A and Gb (7th string to 10th). The guitar can also be tuned in Baroque tuning and alternative tunings available on the web. The King features Sperzel tuning keys and a custom-designed L.R. Baggs Element Active pickup system with two transducers balanced for five strings each. The body is chambered and the neck weight was reduced, creating a comfortable weight at less than six pounds.

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Gadotti: The 10-string King Nylon Electric
Gadotti: The 10-string King Nylon Electric

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