October 2016
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Himmelstrutz Elektro Art Fetto Pedal Review

Himmelstrutz Elektro Art Fetto
Download example 1
All settings around noon
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Volume at 10:00, Tone at 11:00, Drive at 1:30
Recorded in Sound Studio on a MacBook Pro using Digidesign Mbox (SM57); Vox AD120VT modeling Marshall Super Lead; Fender Contemporary Telecaster, bridge HB.
Himmelstrutz Elektro Art Fetto
When I opened the box containing the Fetto, handmade by Swedish tonehound C.J. Himmelstrutz, the gonzo style of the type and graphic immediately reminded me of a Ralph Steadman design. The association led me to expect a brash, cheeky, high-brow-meets-low-brow attitude, and the Fetto didn’t disappoint.

An overdrive/distortion with an amp-like feel, the Fetto has a Plexi-like gain structure with a wide range of Drive control, great clarity and string definition even at high gain, and nice harmonic complexity even at low gain. More transparent than TS-style pedals tonally, with less apparent compression, the Fetto has a unique flair that seems a lot like a cross between a fuzz and overdrive. Although its attack is smoother than a characteristic fuzz, the tone is loose and undisciplined up into the mids; the mids are tight but vowelly, and the top end tightens into a defined crunch with rich, singing sustain. The Fetto does not fatten single coils or add a lot of coloration to your basic tone, so the rig you’re using still sounds like your rig, but it really does well at delivering a raw, driven, articulate sound.

The Fetto also features true bypass, a bright blue LED, a small footprint, and a rock solid (and very heavy) case. If you’re an unrepentant tone tweaker, you’ll love that the fact that the Fetto also offers four internal trim pots for even more fine control over the pedal’s full range of tone potential. – CB
Buy If...
you’re looking for a solid performer with a different character than the crowd.
Skip If...

you’re nuts about a Tube Screamer.
MSRP $345.99 - Himmelstrutz Elektro Art - himmelstrutz.com

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