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Measuring Up Micro Amps

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Danelectro HoneyTone N-10 $20–$40
The HoneyTone probably wins the “cutest” award, resembling a cross between a ‘50s radio and a toaster. It comes in Burgundy, Aqua or Yellow, though the Aqua model we received looks more like Seafoam Green. There are controls for Off/Volume, Tone and Overdrive, a 1/4" input jack, 1/8" headphone jack, and a standard AC power jack. The amp’s soft leather handle and belt clip are a couple of thoughtful additions; this was the one of two amps to include a belt clip, which made it even more mobile, if not a stunning fashion statement.

With low OD settings, the HoneyTone label is an apt description: smooth and lightly sweet with a little thickness. It’s very middy, and has more gain than its tiny speaker seems to be able to handle, so it may not be the best choice for practicing your leads, but it is somewhat sensitive to playing dynamics. It can go from warm and snappy to a gritty, chewy rhythm tone quite nicely just by digging in, and would be a good choice for all-around desktop use.
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