From walls of 4x12s to modern modeling tech, heavy tones have come a long way since the age of Iommi.

No style of amp is so definitively a part of a musical genre and culture as high-gain amplifiers. In the modern amp market, there’s a wide range of amps that can achieve a heavy tone, from hulking stacks to lunchbox heads, but their objective unites them. High-gain amps are a cornerstone of electric guitar, and their aggression is heard in every style of music under the sun.

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Thrilling, edgy Marshall gain tones pop in a versatile, flexible stomp that moves effortlessly between low- and high-gain realms.

Super versatile. Many unexpected shades of Brit gain. Great low-to-mid gain sounds. Nice dynamic response. High-quality build. Post-EQ effects loop.

Hard to shake all traces of JCM800 compression.


Marshall Guv’nor


I first experienced the potential of the Marshall Guv’nor years ago via an inexpensive copy. What surprised me about that pedal is that I could use its EQ section to shape Revolver-era Beatles tones. I share this anecdote because it speaks to the versatility of the Guv’nor circuit. And in this beautiful, U.K.-built Guv’nor reissue, that flexibility and its impressive power to enliven a stale tone shine.

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Marshall BluesBreaker, DriveMaster, The Guv'nor & ShredMaster Demos | First Look

England’s foremost volume dealers resurrect four U.K.-made stomps that inspired players from Johnny Greenwood to John Mayer.

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