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Measuring Up Micro Amps

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Orange Micro Crush CR3 $40–$60
The Micro Crush was without a doubt the heaviest and largest of our micro amps, and possible the most legitimately useful as well. The cabinet is wood with orange finish and Orange’s classic white metal chassis. There are several nice details, like the woven grille and rubber feet. It has Tone and Volume knobs, and buttons to activate its built-in overdrive and tuner, plus a power button. It has a 1/4” input, 1/8” headphone output and a standard AC jack. Because of its weight, a belt clip wouldn’t have been practical, so the Micro Crush very thoughtfully ships with optional strap buttons.

The amp is pretty loud, and it offers an exceptional variety of good, useable tones for such a small package. The Orange-flavored, crunchy overdrive shines. Among all of the micros we’ve played, this one is least saddled by the nasality that goes hand-in-hand with the micro design. We wouldn’t be surprised at all if you bought it for fun and ended up sticking a mic in front of it.
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