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Measuring Up Micro Amps

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Danelectro Hodad DH-1 $40–$50
The Danelectro Hodad differs from a lot of the other micros we checked out in that the company seemed to forego design features for functional effects. It has two 2” speakers and features Tone, Gain and Off/On/Volume controls, along with Echo and Tremolo buttons—and there’s a trim pot on the back to adjust the Trem speed. The lack of any sort of belt clip or handle makes this one slightly less convenient to tote around, and the plastic enclosure is retro-stylish but lacks the detail touches like tolex and leather found in a few of the others.

Soundwise, the Hodad also evokes a retro-cool vibe. Like the other micros, it doesn’t deal extemely well with the low end, but this one has a nice, pleasant top that’s not too pinched. Add the echo and the tremolo, and it evokes the guitar-driven instrumentals of days gone by. It’s highly addictive fun, and will have you noodling right through your lunch hour.

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