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Recording King


Recording King Announces the Dirty 30's Harmonella Acoustics

May 11, 2015
These new-old flattops are a throwback to the dry, throaty sounding department-store instruments that have become favorites of blues players and songwriters everywhere.
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Summer NAMM '14 - Recording King Torrefied Top RP1-16-C Demo

August 1, 2014
The acoustic shop releases a new model with their new wood-aging process.
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GALLERY: Summer NAMM 2014 Day 3

July 19, 2014
Check out the latest and greatest gear from the third day of the 2014 Summer NAMM show.
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Summer NAMM '13 - Loar LH-280 Archtop & Recording King Custom Shop 6-String Banjo Demos

July 16, 2013
Hear demos of the Loar's LH-280 Archtop & Recording King's USA Custom Shop 6-String Banjo.
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NAMM '13 - The Loar LH-319 Archtop & Recording King's Dirty Thirties Single O, RJ-06 Jumbo Demos

February 7, 2013
PG's Charles Saufley is on location in Anaheim, California, for the 2013 NAMM Show where he visits the The Loar and Recording King booth. In this segment, we get to see and hear demos of their newest models: The Loar's LH-319 Archtop & Recording King's Dirty Thirties Solid Top Single O, RJ-06 Jumbo.
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Recording King Introduces the RJJ-116 Acoustic Guitar and 12-Fret Slope Shoulder Guitars

January 24, 2013
With the new RJJ-116 solid top jumbo body with 16” lower bout, we present a guitar with great volume and projection that can withstand a strong rhythmic attack from players.
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Recording King Introduces the Dirty Thirties Series Vintage-Style Solid Top Guitars

January 24, 2013
With a solid top and old-style matte sunburst finish, these instruments meet at the perfect crossroads of classic sound, vintage style and exceptional value.
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Recording King Introduces the 6-String Madison Banjo

January 24, 2013
Recording King introduces the 6-string Madison banjo, perfect for guitar players looking to add the unique sound of a banjo to their repertoire.
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Recording King RO-310 Acoustic Guitar Review

January 9, 2013
Recording King’s new Adirondack-spruce-and-mahogany RO-310 is almost a greatest-hits fusion of popular OM and 000 features.
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Recording King Introduces the RO-310 Acoustic Guitar

September 25, 2012
Hayward, CA (September 25, 2012) – Introducing Recording King''s all-solid RO-310 OOO with Adirondack top – designed for players who want the increased volume and projection of an Adirondack
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