recording king

Rig Rundown: Buffalo Nichols

Although this singular stylist is based in country blues, his music reaches for the cosmos! Check out his dazzling array of pedals and rhythm boxes, and the classic instruments he uses to make trailblazing sounds live and on his new album, The Fatalist.

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To stay afloat during the Great Depression, Gibson started manufacturing affordable entry-level guitars like this Recording King.

Faced with the early 20th-century economic crash, the major manufacturer innovated their way out of folding by introducing low-budget guitars like this Recording King.

You get good at letting go when you work in a guitar store. Special guitars come through the doors every day at Fanny’s House of Music. Customers come in and bond with them just as much as we have. And sometimes, old guitars find new homes. New strings touch old frets, new picks fall into old soundholes, and new songs float on old air. Knowing the joy these instruments bring in their next life makes it a little easier to let go.

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