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Paul Gilbert


Fretboard Workshop: Revisualize the Pentatonic Scale

May 16, 2015
Draw inspiration from Paul Gilbert, Eric Johnson, and Joe Diorio and forge a new approach to a time-tested scale.
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Teaching Advice from the Pros

October 18, 2013
Paul Gilbert and Andy Timmons share their experiences as prominent guitar mentors and offer advice for learning, teaching, and playing.
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Inside the Great Guitar Escape: A Week in the Mountains with Paul Gilbert and Friends

July 22, 2013
A firsthand glimpse at what it’s like to take part in the ultimate guitar getaway.
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Majik Box Introduces the Paul Gilbert Fuzz Universe Custom

October 17, 2012
Delivering the same great, shred approved overdrive and boost as the original with several new enhancements.
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Paul Gilbert Launches Online Guitar School

May 22, 2012
Gilbert’s new Rock Guitar School will feature a complete course of beginner-to-advanced guitar lessons – ranging from classic riffs and guitar licks to Paul’s signature blazing arpeggios and string skipping.
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Paul Gilbert Announces Great Guitar Escape for Summer 2012

December 5, 2011
Guitar players of all ages, levels and styles are invited to join Paul Gilbert and other expert musicians for this five-day experience.
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Rig Rundown - Mr. Big's Paul Gilbert

November 9, 2011
Paul Gilbert runs through his live rig used on Mr. Big''s summer tour.
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Interview: Paul Gilbert - Mr. Shred-Jangles

August 17, 2010
Long dogged and annoyed by the “shred” epithet, Paul Gilbert uses engrained jangle-pop sensibilities, deft tone selection, and jaw-dropping licks to prove he can’t be pigeonholed— even on an all-instrumental album like his new Fuzz Universe
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