Andy Gibson

Andy Gibson

Andy Gibson is a professional session and touring guitarist based in Nashville. He currently tours with country music icon Tanya Tucker. On the side, he is a songwriter, percussion educator, and also co-owns Hearthstone Guitar Co. Find out more at theandygibson.com.



Don’t Sleep on the Mixolydian Mode

November 7, 2020
Learning how to add Mixolydian flavors into your playing can be a quick way to expand your vocabulary or get out of a rut!
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Pump Up Your Picking

October 10, 2020
Quick exercises to get your fretting and picking hands playing together!
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No Whammy? No Problem.

September 26, 2020
Trem-style moves for hard-tail devotees.
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Blues Bends

Slippery Half-Step Blues Bends

May 16, 2020
What makes some of your favorite blues players sound so tasteful and different? Here’s one concept to expand your vocabulary into their territory.
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