March 2020

David Stocker

David Stocker is a professional guitar transcriber for Hal Leonard and others, as well as a performer and instructor in Central Virginia. As a transcriber, he has over 1,000 works to his credit. He is currently working on a book: Music Theory Enchiridion-A Practical Manual for Guitarists. For more information, visit Notessetters or follow Stocker on Twitter.


Digging Deeper: Power Up Your Power Chords

July 27, 2013
Put those root-fifth shapes to work by using them to unlock more complex harmonies in your riffs.
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Kick Out the Jams: How to Make Your Delay Pedal Work for You

June 8, 2013
A precisely timed delay effect with just the right number of echo repeats can become part of the composition of a great riff.
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