Diezel announces Diezel USA, plus the new Schmidt and Custom Schmidt

Dawsonville, GA (January 6, 2009) -- Diezel Amplification has announced the creation of Diezel USA, making the legendary high-gain tone monsters much more accessible to the American public. The company is launching the American branch due to, "increasing product demand and heightened consumer awareness."

Diezel amps are played by everyone from Metallica’s James Hetfield to Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi, Adam Jones from Tool to Neal Schon from Journey along with Mike Mushok of Staind. The company's benchmark VH4, Herbert and Einstein models have been sought-after by professionals and hardcore tone-chasers alike. However, their relative unavailability has become the stuff of legend, prompting the question, "What's the story behind your Diezel," to anyone in the States who has one. With Diezel USA, the question of where to find the amps and the long wait times are no longer an issue. As the company puts it, "They are available so you can create the sounds you hear in your head, and most of all, be inspired."

The Custom Schmidt
Along with American distribution, Diezel has announced a redesign of their cabinets and two new amplifiers.

The Schmidt Standard features Class A design, EL34 or 6V6GTs, serial/parallel loop, 2 channels plus adjustable boost for channel 2, reverb, black tolex. A custom footswitch (channel 1/2, boost, reverb, loop) is included, and the amp will be available as a head or combo.

In addition to the Schmidt Standard, Diezel is also releasing the Custom Schmidt, which features the same specs as the Standard, plus black and white tolex, reconed V30s, semi-open back, and a custom tolex 2x12.

According to Diezel, the Schmidt is designed to excel at many tones. They describe the sounds as, "warm cleans with rich harmonic overtones that make clean playing a delight. Venture to the next channel and you are greeted with a very dynamic, musical gain. The clarity and warmth in the gain make it a very sweet and musical amp. Rolling off the guitar volume does everything you would hope it would do. It positively affects the tone and also provides variable sounds within the tonal spectrum without ever losing amp volume or amp dynamics. The Schmidt is very smooth and open while at the same time crisp and responsive."

For more information:
Diezel USA

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