An entry-level classical and a more advanced model are reviewed.

Classicals: Orpheus Valley Fiesta FC & Cordoba Custom Artist Indian
Classical guitar players, especially students, often face the daunting task of trying to find an instrument that fits their needs and budget. Professional players know that there are a number of luthiers throughout the U.S. and abroad making fantastic instruments. Reputable luthiers such as Richard Brune and Paul Jacobson will charge a significant price for making a customized, high-quality guitar; additionally, the buyer will likely have to wait several years for the finished instrument. Professional players may have the resources and time to acquire one of these fine instruments, but unfortunately the average player does not.

Therefore, most people are forced to find their instruments through more conventional avenues, such as a guitar shop. Unfortunately chain stores have a limited selection of classical guitars, and even when you find one, it is hard be sure of what you are buying. This month we had the opportunity to look at two guitars, at two different price points, both of which will fit the needs of the average classical guitarist.

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