Get on the good foot with a handful of soulful, gospel-inspired riffs from Snarky Puppy’s guitarist.

Chops: Advanced
Theory: Intermediate
Lesson Overview:
• Understand how to outline pentatonic harmony with double-stops.
• Create funky muted lines using hybrid picking.
• Strengthen your internal time. Click here to download a printable PDF of this lesson's notation.

Double- and triple-stops are a hallmark of blues, rock ’n’ roll, and country guitar playing. They offer a cool way to add harmony and texture to what would could otherwise be thin sounding single-note phrases. In this lesson, however, we’ll explore the “stop” concept and focus on its use within funk, R&B, soul, and gospel realms. I’ve always liked how these small note clusters can mimic the way a horn section would approach a chord stab. Keep this in mind when learning these licks and crafting your own. FYI: Many of these examples are best played using a hybrid-picking technique.

Think of Ex. 1as a warm-up for the rest of the lesson. It’s a two-octave D major pentatonic scale (D–E–F#–A–B) harmonized in fourths. (The D pentatonic scale is the top line; harmonizing it a fourth below introduces one note outside of D pentatonic. Can you spot it? Hint: It’s lurking under F# and belongs to the D major scale.)

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