Asheville, N.C. (December 4, 2008) -- The company known for its"Hottie" ampshas just released its own line of pickups; Hottie Guitar Pickups. According to the company, the pickups were designed with the help of friends at Seymour Duncan. They capture the creamy distortion and harmonic complexity of Hottie Amps. The company describes Hottie pups as having honey-sweet tone, touch sensitivity and a blend of warmth and presence. They are sold as singles or sets and have custom options available per request.

  • Late '50s style Humbuckers burnt around the edges
  • Nickel or Chrome Covers
  • Alnico II Magnets
  • Wax Potted
  • Vintage Correct Enamel-Coated Wire
  • Single Conductor Braided Cable (4-Conductor available)
  • DC Resistance: Neck - 7.3k, Bridge - 8.5k
  • Resonant Peak: Neck - 7.1khz, Bridge - 6.5khz
Available now with a Street price $99-$149

For more info and some sound samples, go toHottie Pickups