Motley Crue

Mötley Crüe Releases Single on Rock Band

from Yahoo! News

The lines of music promotion continue to expand in the permitting digital era. Mötley Crüe is going to be the first band to release a single on Rock Band, the "be a band" video game. The song, "Saints of Los Angeles," will be available to download to gamers'' consoles on Tuesday. Why not capitalize on this? Rock Band has already had 6 million downloads since launching in November.

Guinness Record: Longest Bass Playing


Bulgarian guitarist Georgy Georgiev played the bass for 49 hours straight, a new world record. Can you even imagine?

Finck Rejoins NIN

from PR-Inside

As the Nine Inch Nails gears up for a summer tour, they will be doing so with former member Robin Finck. This is Finck''s third attempt with the band, last time leaving to replace Guns N'' Roses guitarist, Slash.