It Kind of Sounds Like a Guitar...

from Tech Digest and YouTube

While these instruments strike us as somewhat superfluous expenses, as we''re more than happy to accomplish our sounds with a traditional six (or sometimes seven) string guitar, the videos are fun to watch. Check out the Harpejji and the Beamz system. The Beamz gets into guitar sounds about 52 seconds in, but the rest is worth it just for the facial expressions.

The Musical Draft


A group of musicians in Cleveland, Ohio had an interesting idea: get together for a musical draft to create bands with an eclectic mix of styles and help network in the musical community. The group takes themselves seriously, with rules and gigs, creating 33 new bands with the draft.

Women Still Not Rocking?

from BBC News

A new study in the UK has shown that 81% of bass and electric guitarists in schools are male. BBC examines the social reasons behind it. This article from talks with female rockers about how their experience in the industry differs from mens''.