Cory Wong

Cory Wong

Cory Wong is one of the funkiest guitarists around. He can be seen fronting his own solo band, with Vulfpeck, or the Fearless Flyers. For more information visit corywongmusic.com.


Steve Lukather

Steve Lukather's Studio Stories

December 16, 2020
The loquacious legend talks about what it takes to be a first-call player and why he kept a banjo within arm's reach.
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Tosin Abasi

Tosin Abasi Has Yngwie Amp Envy

December 9, 2020
The Animals As Leaders mastermind discusses why all those Marshall heads are warranted and how he finds the prog-metal pocket.
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Jacob Collier

Jacob Collier: "I’ve Got Too Much Creative Potential to be Reasonable.”

December 2, 2020
How the Grammy winner and YouTube sensation thinks about rhythm, harmony, and life.
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Gavin Rossdale

Gavin Rossdale Nearly Died on MTV

November 25, 2020
The Bush frontman shares the story behind his famous performance of "Glycerine" and why he's a Jazzmaster guy at heart.
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Vince Gill

Vince Gill: “Authenticity Is Really Important to Me”

November 18, 2020
He was the temporary steward of one of Hendrix's Strats, nearly joined Dire Straits, and now plays alongside Joe Walsh in Eagles. Why is Vince still the coolest cat in Nashville?
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Steve Jordan

Steve Jordan’s Ground Rules for Greatness

November 11, 2020
The legendary producer and master groovesmith talks about his career in jazz and pop, and what it takes to be a truly accomplished player.
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Ron Carter

Ron Carter Needs You to Focus

November 4, 2020
If you're on a gig or session with a legend don't even think about checking your cell.
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Madison Cunningham

Madison Cunningham: “Incredible Playing Does Not Compensate for Bad Tone.”

October 28, 2020
The LA-based song-obsessive uses beefy strings, low tunings, Jazzmasters, and small combos to “try to let the parts sing.”
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Tom Misch

Meet Tom Misch, the Acid-Jazz Virtuoso Hailed by Clapton & Mayer

October 21, 2020
The up-and-coming Brit talks about playing Crossroads and his analog/digital/analog gear journey.
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Susan Tedeschi

Susan Tedeschi on Why Last-Minute Jams Are the Best

October 14, 2020
The Tedeschi Trucks Band frontwoman shares her approach to sitting-in and how the band “family” is working through the pandemic.
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Jake Shimabukuro

How (& Why) Jake Shimabukuro Considers Us All Part of His “Band”

October 7, 2020
The world’s leading ukulele ambassador on exploiting the instrument’s inherent limitations.
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Wong Notes

John Petrucci On Fighting Ego & Reuniting with Mike Portnoy

September 30, 2020
In this season two premiere, Cory Wong connects with Dream Theater legend John Petrucci about his fiery new solo album featuring founding DT drummer Mike Portnoy.
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Wong Notes

Wong Notes Episode 12: Ask Cory!

August 19, 2020
Cory turns the spotlight on himself and answers questions from fans about ego, life as a session guitarist, and what to do when you don't nail that audition.
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James Valentine

Wong Notes Episode 11: James Valentine

August 12, 2020
Maroon 5's fleet-fingered axeman dishes out the backstory on his signature Ernie Ball Music Man model and talks about what it was like to rock out at the Super Bowl.
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George Benson

Wong Notes Episode 10: George Benson

August 5, 2020
The guitar legend opens up about collaborating with Gorillaz, knowing your theory, and the time Sinatra didn't take him at his word.
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Bela Fleck

Wong Notes Episode 9: Béla Fleck

July 29, 2020
Béla Fleck is at the top of a very short list of world-renowned banjoists. Listen in as he talks about growing up in NYC, his love of collaboration, and his painstaking approach to live albums.
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Wong Notes

Wong Notes Episode 8: The Bacon Brothers

July 22, 2020
The dynamic duo of folk-rock jams chimes in about their latest album, 'The Way We Love,' copping the hippest loops from Logic, and how their creative partnership has flourished.
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Sean Hurley

Wong Notes Episode 7: Sean Hurley

July 15, 2020
The first-call session bassist (John Mayer, Morissey, Lana Del Rey) discusses gig prep, gear essentials, and how confidence improves tone.
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Wong Notes

Wong Notes Episode 6: Yvette Young of Covet

July 8, 2020
Listen in as a bona fide math-rock superstar goes deep on altered tunings and shares secrets on how she covers all the bases in her trio.
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Wong Notes

Wong Notes Episode 5: Rob Harris of Jamiroquai

July 1, 2020
Harris shares secrets on how to "read" a room and stay in demand as a session musician, as well as what it feels like to play a solo in a packed stadium.
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