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Fakin’ It: Vintage Counterfeits

November 11, 2008
A short history of counterfeit vintage instruments.
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Collectors vs. Musicians

October 13, 2008
In the vintage guitar business, we often hear the complaint that rich collectors have pushed prices so high that the finest guitars have been taken out of the hands of
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A Valuable Lesson

September 9, 2008
Each brand of guitars has its own "golden era." Read to learn how we break it down.
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An Eighties Golden Era?

August 15, 2008
Were the eighties good for more than nostalgia?
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Golden Era Electrics

July 10, 2008
Fender’s Stratocaster debuted in 1954 and has been an enduring model of the guitar industry ever since When I started buying and selling guitars in the 1960s, most of
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Golden Era Acoustics

June 10, 2008
Since I opened the doors to my shop in Nashville in January 1970, I have often been asked which instruments are the best investments. A complete discussion could fill a
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