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Cheapskate Collective: Craigslist and The 11-Point Cheap Gear Check

August 1, 2012
Before you head over to that mystery house across town to investigate a too-good-to-be-true deal, read these tips--and share your own!
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Choosing an Axe on the Cheap, Part 1

July 18, 2012
Where do you look for the best deals and budget brands?
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Cheapskate Collective: Lick Learnin' on the Cheap

May 2, 2012
Because playing well is the first step to sounding good.
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Cheapskate Collective: An Introduction

February 29, 2012
How to get great tone without a big bank account - get involved!
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20 Steps to a Kinder, Gentler Frankenaxe

December 6, 2011
In the spirit of Eddie Van Halen, some tips on creating your own unique tone monster (but with more trial and less error).
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