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Bryan Clark

Bryan Clark

Bryan Clark is a Billboard-charting, multi-genre guitarist, producer, and engineer at the world-renowned Blackbird Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. For more info, free lessons, and to hear him shred, go to


Direct-Miking Guitar homepage

Recording Dojo: The Case for Miking Your Electric Guitar

March 3, 2021
Why you should consider tracking the acoustic sound of your solid-, semi-, or hollowbody axe in addition to the amp it's plugged into.
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Recording Dojo High-Pass Filter homepage

Recording Dojo: A High Five for the Low-Pass Filter

February 3, 2021
How to use an indispensable DAW tool to focus tracks, find space in a mix, create vintage-style sounds, and more.
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Recording Dojo Mic Types homepage

Recording Dojo: Microphone Polar Patterns 101

January 19, 2021
How cardioid, figure-eight, and omnidirectional microphones figure into your recording game plan.
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Jan21 Recording Dojo Get Big Sounds from Little Amps homepage

Recording Dojo: How to Get Big Sounds from Little Amps

January 3, 2021
You can get a surprising amount of tonal variety simply by getting creative with mic placement.
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Dec20_Recording Dojo homepage2

Recording Dojo: Get Fuzzy! Tips for Doubling Down on Dirt

December 17, 2020
Things can get tricky when distortion pedals and DAWs meet. Here's how to show your stomps who’s boss.
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Recording Dojo High Pass Filter homepage

Recording Dojo: What's a High-Pass Filter & How Should You Use It?

November 20, 2020
Here's how to clean up low-end mud and add definition to mixes.
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Recording Dojo-Delay Pedal homepage

Recording Dojo: How to Capture the Best Delay Sound

October 12, 2020
Both the type of delay you're using and whether your amp is equipped with an effects loop can have a huge impact on how good your echoes sound in the final mix.
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September 20 Recording Dojo Blackbird Studios Nashville Guitar direct in box di recording homepage

Recording Dojo: Why Guitarists Shouldn't Diss DIs

September 4, 2020
These inexpensive little boxes aren't just for bassists. Invest in one and it'll open your studio to a universe of tonal possibilities—and likely save you a lot of time and headaches.
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10 recording mistakes homepage

10 Recording Mistakes Guitarists Make (And How to Avoid Them)

August 27, 2020
Bryan Clark, one of the top engineers/producers at Nashville's famed Blackbird Studio, walks you through common tracking pitfalls and shares his list of essential gear for budding home studios.
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Compression Explained, Part 2 API 2500 homepage Fairchild 670 option2

Recording Dojo: Understanding Compression, Pt. 2

July 31, 2020
Epic settings for industry-standard compressors.
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Recording Dojo Blackbird Studio Nashville Compressor - homepage

Recording Dojo: Understanding Compression, Pt. 1

June 8, 2020
Comprehending one of the studio's most important but mysterious tools—with metaphorical cocktails!
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Fretboard Workshop

Fretboard Workshop: Melodic Transformations

January 9, 2016
Breathe new life into vanilla arpeggios.
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Relish Jane Review

March 18, 2015
Elegance and attitude with a Swiss twist.
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1983 100-watt Dumble Overdrive Special Demo

July 18, 2013
In this vintage amp test, Bryan Clark and Adam Fluhrer play a roomful of cool guitars through a rare 1983 100-watt Dumble Overdrive Special (serial #133).
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