Tom Monda

Tom Monda

As a member of Thank You Scientist, a genre-bending seven-piece experimental rock band, Tom Monda performs on both fretted and fretless guitar, as well as digital guitar and shamisen. Monda has studied with Vic Juris, Ron Thal, and Dave Stryker and earned a bachelor's degree in jazz studies from Montclair State University. He's endorsed by Vigier Guitars and has released two albums of original music. For more information, visit thankyouscientist.net.



Future Rock: Symmetrical Scale Silliness

April 19, 2014
Don’t let diminished and augmented sounds elude you. Mastering them can be simpler than you think.
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Future Rock

Future Rock: Hybrid Picking

March 22, 2014
Break through technique barriers with these five essential hybrid licks.
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Rhythm Rules December 2013

Rhythm Rules: Polyrhythms 101

November 23, 2013
Sound like two guitarists playing at once with a few simple—but very effective—exercises.
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Twang 101: Travis Picking Essentials

October 19, 2013
Learn about the basic elements of Travis picking and learn how to apply this technique to songs you already know.
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