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Lily Maase

Lily Maase

Raised in New Mexico and educated at the University of North Texas, Lily Maase is a rock, country, jazz, and classical guitarist living in Brooklyn, New York. She is the founder and owner of Brooklyn GuitarWorks, and performs with the Rocket Queens, Suite Unraveling, IDOLS, and Gato Loco. For more information, visit



Dear 6-String Sensei: How Do I Get Started with Improvisation?

May 27, 2017
Is learning all the modes the best first step? A reader asks for guidance on how to begin improvising.
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6-String Sensei

Dear 6-String Sensei: How Do I Improve My Chops?

July 16, 2016
In our new advice column, we tackle an age-old question with a few simple exercises and some chromatic magic.
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