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Kaki King panda homepage

Kaki King: “My Stamina and Accuracy Have Gone to Shit”

January 26, 2021
COVID’s got even the world-renowned fingerstyle visionary wrestling with her chops. Here’s how she rolled with the punches, pivoted, and released the soundtrack to her on-hold-for-now audio-visual performance project, Data Not Found.
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Robert Quine

The Unpredictable Playing of Robert Quine

January 9, 2021
Explore how a rogue player combined punk, rock, and avant-garde in a truly original voice.
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Wendy Eisenberg Jazzmaster live homepage

Wendy Eisenberg’s Genre Hopping

January 6, 2021
The experimental guitarist explores multiple approaches to genre and technique through inventive playing and clever songcraft on the new album Auto.
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Marisa Anderson live homepage

Marisa Anderson—Improvising in 3-D

December 10, 2020
The unconventional fingerstylist left classical guitar to join a circus band, play rock solos, and start musical fires with open tunings, clarion tone, and improvisation. She burns brightly on the new The Quickening.
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Steve Swallow homepage2

Steve Swallow in Flight

November 3, 2020
At 79, the father of electric jazz bass is busy inventing and innovating as a composer, player, and instrument designer—and continuing his 40-year collaboration with John Scofield via the new Swallow Tales.
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Marc Ribot

Marc Ribot’s Inside-Out Licks

August 8, 2020
Dig into the style of a bona fide downtown-jazz legend who can meld rock, blues, and Cuban music without ever breaking a sweat.
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Early James Dan Auerbach singing for my supper live photo homepage

Early James’ Soul Food Serenade

July 9, 2020
The songwriter and fingerstylist crafts his haunting, psychedelic debut album with wildly varied influences and a stellar lineup of legendary Nashville session players led by Dan Auerbach.
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Deap Lips Steven Drozd Lindsey Troy Deap Valley Flaming Lips homepage

Deap Lips: Enchanting Dragons of Madness

July 6, 2020
Deap Vally joined forces with the Flaming Lips to create an epic musical adventure presented in sonic technicolor. Guitarists Lindsey Troy and Steven Drozd take us inside.
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Devon Gilfillian homepage

Devon Gilfillian Finds Light at the End of His Tunnels

May 7, 2020
Taking recording cues from hip-hop, psychedelia, and Afropop, the Nashville guitarist-songwriter uses his trusty 1987 Jaguar to kick depression and make his debut album, Black Hole Rainbow.
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Jeff Parker homepage

Jeff Parker is “Just Tying to Make Weird Shit”

March 12, 2020
Tortoise's post-rock experimentalist on how a recent meditative mood led to less improvisation and more hypnotics on the jazz and hip-hop-infused Suite for Max Brown.
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Marcus King homepage

Marcus King’s Old Soul

January 28, 2020
On El Dorado, the 6-string wizard cops a vintage vibe with Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach.
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Piranas homepage

Los Pirañas’ Twisted Colombian Gold

January 7, 2020
Enter the psychedelic world of composer-guitarist Eblis Álvarez, who blends stompboxes, computers, improvisation, and tradition to create the rhythm and noise of his toothy trio.
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Nils Lofgren: Back on the Horse

November 26, 2019
After 50 years, Neil Young and Crazy Horse are in the saddle again with Colorado and Mountaintop Sessions. Read about the new magical chapter for the band and how they embrace the unexpected. Spoiler: Lofgren broke out his tap-dancing shoes.
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Blackwater Holylight’s Mad Scientists on the Loose

November 5, 2019
The metal-doom-psych-a-holic Sunny Faris and Laura Hopkins pursue their disparate influences in the moody, textured new Veils of Winter.
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Jamaaladeen Tacuma: Grooving Hard, Embracing Risk

August 26, 2019
The bass master, ace improvisor, and funk wizard carries Ornette Coleman’s harmolodic vision into the future—as he has for over four decades.
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J.R. Bohannon Calls Bullsh!t on “Waiting for the Muse”

July 30, 2019
The Kentucky-bred fingerstyle virtuoso talks about his journey from hating country to adoring it … in his own twisted, indie- and world-music-informed way.
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The “Stairway” Progression

July 13, 2019
Zeppelin might be the most famous case, but plenty of songwriters have borrowed these infamous chords.
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Combo Chimbita’s Niño Lento: Latin and Caribbean Psychedelia

June 4, 2019
With a textbook knowledge of ’60s trad-psych licks, the New York City-based guitarist distills old-school styles into a brand-new sound.
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Reignwolf’s Jordan Cook: Catching Air

May 7, 2019
A guitarist with a reputation for intense performances heads into the studio with seven years of pent-up live energy and delivers a hard-rocking debut, Hear Me Out.
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Jazz Guitarist Joe Morris: Enhance the Risk

March 26, 2019
How an innovative player and instructor carved his own trail through the world of improvisation by inventing a unique vocabulary, making 135 albums, and creating a legacy of influence.
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