December 2020
Corey Congilio

Corey Congilio

Corey Congilio is a Nashville-based session and touring musician. The author of 12 instructional guitar courses with, Corey is currently touring with recording artist Lucie Silvas and performing around Nashville with his solo project. His EP, Well Suited, is available at all digital outlets. For more information visit


Hybrid Picking

Intro to Hybrid Picking

October 17, 2020
Corey Congilio breaks down how to get the most out of a pick-and-fingers attack.
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Blues Arpeggios

Blues Arpeggio Tricks

September 12, 2020
A simple half-step slide is all it takes to spice up those vanilla arpeggios.
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Workinman Blues

Workin’ Man Blues: Moving into the Country

April 14, 2018
The path from ripping electric blues to snappy twang is shorter than you might think. An in-demand Nashville player dishes out a few hands-on tips for getting your country chops together.
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