Jason Sadites

Jason Sadites

As a recording artist, Jason Sadites has worked with Tony Levin, Marco Minnemann, Kenny Aronoff, Bryan Beller, Ric Fierabracci, Gregg and Matt Bissonette, and Chad Wackerman. He is also a Yamaha/Line 6 artist and runs a YouTube channel that explores topics ranging from music theory to how to dial in great guitar tones. Jason’s latest solo release is Brief Eclipse. For more information, visit www.sadites.com.


Shred Commandments

The Two Commandments of Shredding Chromatics

June 2, 2019
Look beyond playing the “right” notes.
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Guthrie Govan’s Single-String Arpeggios

March 16, 2019
Break free from tired old patterns by rethinking your approach to shred.
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