Roland RE-201 Begats New Boss RE-20

Austin, TX (August 23, 2007) - Roland’s classic RE-201 Space Echo has been reborn as the BOSS RE-20 Twin Pedal. The recreation includes every sonic detail and nuance of the original unit plus a host of updates that take the concept of Space Echo to another level.

The original Roland RE-201 is commonly known as the Space Echo. The analog delay effects unit (see below picture) was produced in the ''70s and continues to be in high demand today. In fact, we see a number of vintage Space Echos on Premier Guitar’s Gear Search that routinely sell for hundreds of dollars. (Check out this 101)

The new twin-pedal features what Boss calls “spot-on simulation” of the 201: the analog tone, 12 original Space Echo modes, and faithful modeling of the 201’s tape flutter and magnetic head saturation. Improving on these beloved features, the new twin-pedal has a tap so you can set the delay time with your foot and the delay times can be even longer than the original’s. To get full control of even more paremeters you can get the optional Boss FS-500L expression pedal.

MSRP: $339.50

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