Premier Guitar readers show us their boards!

"Steve, a UK transplant to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, had four separate boards to share! First up is a Gator Pedal Tote he uses with his buddy's jam band (I'ts a bit too extreme for my regular covers gig). It has a Dunlop Crybaby, Boss TU-2, Barber Tone Press, Fulltone Ultimate Octave, Fulltone Fulldrive II, OM Labs Sahashrara Overdrive, and Fulltone Mini Deja-Vibe. Below that is a CNB Pedalcase for the extras that don't fit into his other boards. It houses a Dunlop Crybaby, vintage ProCo RAT, Reverend Drivetrain II, Korg G4, and an Ibanez Tuner. ""It's a total workhorse,"" he says, ""I just wish I could shoehorn a delay in there somehow."""
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