How to bring the mojo of modulation, delay, distortion, and other effects to your recordings of … everything.

We guitarists have a long tradition of changing the electric guitar’s inherent tone by experimenting, inventing, and developing new tones and timbres through effects. More specifically, effect pedals. I believe our continued open-mindedness has kept our instrument relevant throughout the many decades and proven just how limitless a musical chameleon it truly is.

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Editor Ted Drozdowski’s dream rig: Carr’s Vincent and Telstar amps, and 15 effects that can be swapped out at whim.

How the pursuit of an ideal amp setup led to a two-Carr garage/psych/roots sound.

For my debut Love and Sockets column (September 2019), I wrote about my 1964 Supro Tremo-Verb. Now, I’m returning to the Land of Me because I’ve finally found my dream amp setup. Again.

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Fig. 1

This mod enables variable splitting of humbucker pickups, allowing you to easily blend your desired amount of humbucker and split-coil tones.

Hello and welcome back to Mod Garage. As a follow-up to the “Tapping and Splitting: What’s the Difference?” column in the October 2021 issue, this month we’ll take a closer look at variable splitting of humbuckers that’s also known as the “spin-a-split” mod. This mod can be applied to all humbuckers with a 4-conductor wiring because we need access to the start and end of both coils. You can’t do this mod to humbucker pickups with a standard 2-conductor wiring. Most humbuckers can be converted from 2-conductor to 4-conductor wiring; however, you need to open the pickup for this, which can be a delicate job. That job is best left to a guitar tech, because destroying the pickup is easy to do.

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My board’s path: Buffered AB/Y input box that combines guitar and keyboard signals (top right), Catalinbread Cloak reverb, Crybaby Mini 535Q wah, SoundBrut DrVa MkII drive/boost, Ground Control Tsukuyomi mid boost, Gamechanger LIGHT Pedal, DryBell Vibe Machine controlled by a Dunlop Volume (X), TC Electronic PolyTune Mini, SolidgoldFX Electroman MkII, Ibanez Analog Delay Mini, Radial BigShot ABY (underside).

It’s like showing your bedroom to a stranger after a crap workweek. Don’t judge me!

Every year when the PG Pedal Issue rolls around, I don’t necessarily feel compelled to dedicate my column to guitar pedals, but I often do. With so many cool new stompboxes rolling through the office, it’s hard not to.

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