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RJM Music Technology Releases the MasterMind MIDI Controller

MIDI Foot Controller Designed for Touring Pros

Vista, CA (August 22, 2008) -  There''s a new foot controller solution on the market -- here''s the scoop, direct from RJM Music Technology:

Do guitarists need a new foot controller solution? RJM Music Technology is betting on it.

RJM Music Technology has just introduced the MasterMind, a new MIDI foot controller promoted as the ideal controller for touring guitarists - durable and powerful yet compact enough to be carried in a gig bag or inside a rack.


“This really fills a hole in the market,” says Ron Menelli, President and Chief Engineer of RJM Music Technology. “Until now hasn’t been a truly professional quality MIDI controller of this size.”

We’re changing the minds of a lot of MIDI-phobes,” says John Pegler, VP of Sales. “This system (the foot controller as well as the RG-16 or Amp Gizmo) is a complete solution and it is so incredibly easy to use."

"I was skeptical at first," says rig-builder Chris Kamp. "It''s comfortable to use and the buttons are spaced far enough apart that I’m not hitting more than one at a time. The thing is built like a tank!"

RJM Music Technology is confident that the MasterMind will appeal to both amateurs and professionals. It requires virtually no setup or configuration for simple rigs, yet has many configuration options available if the user needs to control a large, complex rig.

Some other noteworthy features are phantom power support and the ability to connect multiple MasterMinds and have them synchronized together.

The MasterMind is now available from RJM Music dealers worldwide.

RJM Music Technology Mastermind MIDI Controller
MSRP $349.99

For more info:
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