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500 Guitars in Eight Years for McIlroy Musical Instruments

Dublin, Ireland (August 15, 2008) - Here''s a cool story for you acoustic players who are always on the prowl for boutique guitars that are somewhat off the radar...

McIlroy Musical Instruments of Dublin has just finished their 500th guitar. Led by Dermot McIlroy, a luthier who honed his chops at Lowden Guitar Company, the company has reached the milestone after just eight years of business. McIlroy isntruments are truly handcrafted (even braces and necks are hand-carved) and made from solid timbers (no laminated woods, no plywoods). The soundboards are made from split logs (not sawn logs) and the company prides itself on using "same wood" strengtheners on the inside of the guitar around the sound hole.

Some notable Irish musicans play McIlroy guitars and the word is starting to spread. The company reports a rising demand for its guitars, despite the five month waiting list.

Next month, the company''s first international gathering in celebration of its instruments will take place in Marche, Italy. A number of recitals and workshops are planned. Italian Celtic guitarist Franco Morone has announced his plans to participate.

The company''s international distribution roots are beginning to take hold with dealers now branching out beyond the UK and Europe. US distributors are in Wisconsin, Alabama and Arizona.

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