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Yves Jarvis’ methods for simulating effects include using a whammy bar while riding his guitar’s volume for reversed guitar sounds. But many are done the old-fashioned way: manipulating tape on his TEAC reel-to-reel as it passes from one head to another.

Embracing battered 6-strings, lo-fi tech, tunings du jour, and his own restless muse, the singer-songwriter does whatever he can to make his guitar-playing life difficult.

Yves Jarvis—born Jean-Sébastien Yves Audet—is allergic to being complacent. “I don’t like to tune my guitar live,” the Canadian-born singer-songwriter says about his almost irrational fear of creative ennui. “I don’t even have a tuner. I like to make my entire set in the same tuning—that’ll be an alternate tuning, it’ll be something random. I force myself to find a way to reinterpret all my songs in the same tuning.”

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Ani DiFranco's Kay acoustic was modded by Reuben Cox of L.A.'s Old Style Guitar Shop. "He puts rubber around the bridges of guitars and they end up very funky, dead, and earthy, like an old dude on a porch suddenly playing it," she says.

Photo by Katie Sikora

The acoustic firebrand recorded with a band of masked strangers, using her modded vintage Kay acoustics for the songs of social upheaval and survival on her 22ndalbum, Revolutionary Love. Then, she got arrested.

While the world lay dormant under strict lockdowns, Grammy-winning singer-songwriter and activist Ani DiFranco stepped out to make a strong political statement. DiFranco and her crew went to a Shell oil refinery to film the video for "Simultaneously," from her latest release, Revolutionary Love. They were immediately arrested for trespassing. "We were just standing by the side of the road. We didn't touch any of their shit and we didn't jump a fence," explains DiFranco. "They detained us for a long time and didn't say anything to us like, 'You're trespassing, please leave.'" The matter had to ultimately be resolved in Zoom court. "They charged each of us and we all had to pay a fine. One of the kids that was working on the video with us was working for so little that it would have negated his salary, so I paid his fine."

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Rig Rundown - Yasmin Williams

After conquering Guitar Hero II, she's reimagining acoustic guitar with two-hand lap tapping, percussive flourishes, and washing it all through reverb and modulation.

Yasmin Williams' gateway drug to guitar was a video game. After defeating Guitar Hero II (on expert, no less), her parents encouraged the budding interest by giving Yasmin an electric.

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