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Helmet’s Page Hamilton Rig Rundown [2024]
Rig Rundown: Helmet's Page Hamilton [2024]

Loyal, longstanding partnerships with ESP, DiMarzio, and Fryette have forged a foundational triumvirate of tone helping the underground alt-metal titan construct Meantime and Betty, tour in David Bowie’s band, and contribute to film scores for Heat and Catwoman.

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Donny Benét Rig Rundown
Rig Rundown: Donny Benét

The Italian-Australian may travel light—a single F Bass VF4—but he still delivers unlimited funky-fresh low-end thunder from Down Under that gets the women swooning, the men fuming, and everyone grooving like it’s Studio 54.

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Tom Butwin Demos the Boss Katana-100 Gen 3
Tom Butwin Demos the Boss Katana-100 Gen 3 | PG Plays

Join PG contributor Tom Butwin as he explores the Boss Katana Gen 3's latest features, including new "pushed" amp type, custom 12" speakers, advanced mic controls, and Bluetooth connectivity for on-the-go tone editing.

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