We let four new CDs spin and give you the lowdown: Dropkick Murphys, Kiko Loureiro, Megadeth, and the Billy Walton Band.

This month, Managing Editor Adam Moore and Senior Editor James Egolf take a look at four new releases, from balls-out metal to some cool jazz fusion from below the equator.

Megadeth  That One Night – Live in Buenos Aires

Don’t cancel that Kerrang! subscription just yet; this live set from Megadeth’s DVD of the same name shows that metal is anything but dead. From the “Air Force One has been shot down!” voice-over on “Jet Intro” to the last strains of “Holy Wars,” Mustaine and company show that the years haven’t taken any of the edge off, but the added maturity does show up in the spotless arrangements and surgically precise dual-guitar interplay of Dave and Glen Drover. Disc one is a blast, but disc two alone is worth the asking price. It might just be time to dig through the hamper for that old “Peace Sells…” t-shirt. - JE

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