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Remembering Dimebag Darrell on the fifth anniversary of his death

Remembering Dimebag
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When it comes to your favorite guitarists and the ongoing debate of who’s the best or who’s the most influential, the answers undoubtedly depend upon each person’s preferences. However, one thing that can’t be debated is that guitarists everywhere are all better off with the late, great guitarist Darrell “Dimebag” Abbott being in our lives as the shred-tastic man behind the riffs and solos of Pantera, Rebel Meets Rebel (country-metal band featuring Texas legend David Allan Coe on vocals and Rex, Vinnie and Darrell from Pantera as the backing band) and Damageplan.

Five years ago today (on the same day John Lennon was killed 29 years ago), Abbott was gunned down on stage at the Alrossa Villa in Columbus, OH, doing what he loved to do most: playing guitar.

Here at Premier Guitar, we know we’re not the only ones who miss Abbott’s how-did-he-do-that solos, monstrous string bends and Floyd Rose dive bombs. But more importantly, through industry folk and other artists we learned of a man that was at all times, the biggest fan with a larger-than-life presence with a heart the size of Texas and an absolute love and passion to play guitar better each time he strapped up.

So we talked with a few industry people, close friends and artists who either knew Darrell or just simply looked up to his guitar prowess and we want to share those sentiments with you. Also, we gathered some old photography from Darrell’s close friend, Buddy Blaze to showcase in our exclusive photo gallery. As always, please feel free add your two cents about Darrell, his guitar playing abilities and the hilarity of these “fab-u-lous ‘80s” photos in the comments section.

In remembrance of Darrell, everyone should crank it to 11, play some Pantera or Damageplan and have a “Black Tooth Grin” [shot of Crown Royal whisky and a splash of coke] for Darrell Lance “Dimebag” Abbott.

Buddy Blaze
Darrell’s childhood and long-time friend and modder/builder of Darrell’s famed lightning blue Dean From Hell ML. Also the luthier behind Blaze Guitars.
"This is really tough for me considering all of the loss I've dealt with this year and I'm still very hurt over the loss of Darrell ... Most people don't realize that Darrell was buried right after my birthday. On Friday, December 11th, I face my 50th birthday after losing both my son and my father this year. It should have been a great day shared with my son and maybe even my Dad ... and maybe even Darrell ... My Dad and my son Matt knew and loved Vinnie and Darrell both... Matt was the one who first told me the news about Darrell. I called my Dad and the rest of my family once I had confirmed that it was true ...

"In the early eighties, I would throw keg beer parties on my birthdays... My band would set up our gear in my house and we'd invite the neighbors (in hopes that they wouldn't call the cops!). Of course, if Pantera was in town, they'd show up, bring some more beer and treat us all to a great show in my living room! They were always the highlight of the party and usually after too many beers a food fight would break out ... I remember Vinnie throwing a deli tray at Darrell (one olive at a time...) when he (Darrell) got behind the drums.

"I spent every birthday I could with Pantera when I lived in Arlington ... At the Aragon Danceland in Fort Worth, my house, Savvy's (also in Fort Worth) whenever, wherever I wanted to be around the greatest guitarist I ever knew! But even more than that, Darrell was my friend. I'd love him if he couldn't play a note on guitar. I loved being around Darrell!

"One of the best days I ever had with my son came several years later when Pantera was playing the Palladium in Hollywood and I took Matt and his best friend Aaron to see them! I hung out with Aaron (Wires) at the sound console loving the show and drinking Silver Bullets, while Matt and his buddy Aaron moshed during Pantera's entire set! Afterwards we all hung out backstage until the bus had to go ... It was great seeing Matt have such a great time! One of the best times I ever had with Matt and Darrell! Pantera was so amazing! Vinnie was ferocious on drums and Darrell was mesmerizing as ever! I was so proud to see how far they had come!

"I don't remember one single time hanging with Darrell that I wasn't smiling ... never had any bad memories ... and he had a smile that would light up the whole room! I remember a lot of beer and later a lot of "Black Tooths."

"I can't imagine my life without the inspiration, laughter and friendship of "Dimebag" Darrell Lance Abbott.

Darrell, I miss you and love you. Do me a favor on Friday and hook up with Matt and my Dad and have a beer and a Black Tooth on me ... I'll have one for each of you and raise at least one in each of your honors ... Remember Dimebag, as long as we live, he lives!"

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