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In an old auto-body shop on an industrial spur outside Burlington, a group of luthiers have built an independent, nose-to-tail acoustic manufacturing haven.

Two hardworking luthiers have built up a small acoustic empire in the quaint northeastern city. Adam Buchwald and Dale Fairbanks tell us how they did it.

In late April, Burlington, Vermont-based luthier Adam Buchwald visited the Sphere in Las Vegas. The immersive, much-hyped venue cost $2.3 billion to construct, and to be sure, it’s a sight to behold.

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Jose González's Cordoba Rodriguez model is based on a 1970s instrument made by the famed Rodriguez family of luthiers from Andalusia's city of Córdoba. It's large, but lightweight, with five rather than the more typical seven braces.

With nylon-string guitars, spare effects, avian accompanists, and an introspective spirit, the songwriter and composer built the quietly organic workspace for his new solo album, Local Valley.

Acoustic guitarist José González doesn't give in to the fast-paced pressures of the music business. If you take a look at his discography, you'll see that the Swedish-Argentinian singer/songwriter has released just three solo studio albums in the past 18 years—the first having come out in 2003, when he was 25. (To be fair, he has also released two full-length albums and several EPs with his band, Junip, but most of these were put out in the '00s.) González turned 43 this year, just in time for the recent release of his fourth studio album, Local Valley.

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