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Is the Gibson-produced Authentic Hendrix Strat-Style line off?

Nashville, TN (September 30, 2009) -- As noted in our original article and on the blogs, Gibson has removed every trace of new Jimi Hendrix related content from their websites. The interview with Janie Hendrix is gone, along with a product page for the Baldwin Custom Hendrix Grand and the photos from the production line Gibson posted of S-style guitars being made in their USA shop.

Anyone clicking on a link to these pages is greeted with this error:

While we can only speculate the cause for pulling these items (see our previous article's near-300 comments for a possible motive), we're completely in the dark about what this means for the products. It looked as though Gibson had put a considerable amount of development into the products, and we'll be interested to see if they are simply abandoned, or if they are rolled out in a much more discrete fashion.

Thanks to the archival nature of the internet, we are able to share the photos in case you missed them:

We will keep you updated on any further developments.