A few MIA''s, but overall a good list went live with the “28 Most Recognizable Guitars,” and for a non-guitar specific publication, did a good job of nailing most of the obvious choices.

There are a few oddballs, most notably Dave Grohl’s association with the see-through Dan Armstrong guitar – you guys have heard of Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood, yea? Also skewing on the goofy side of things is the inclusion of Michael Anthony’s Jack Daniel’s bass, although I’m sure he’s stoked to know people still care. I would have picked Elvis’ personalized 1942 D-18 over his iconic ’54 or ’55 D-28, but that’s a judgment call.

Missing from the lineup were a few obvious guitars, including Johnny Ramone’s white Ventures II, Peter Green’s Les Paul Standard, Roy Buchanan’s Nancy, and any of the Beatle’s guitars. Steve Jones’ L.P. Custom would have fit in nicely as well, but we’re guitar dorks and they’re music guys, so kudos for getting so much right.

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