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The Montreal Guitar Show adds electrics and switches venues for its third year

Montreal, Canada (June 19, 2009) -- In response to strong public demand, the Montreal Guitar Show, already among the most prestigious luthier shows for acoustic, classical, gypsy-style and archtop guitars, will showcase electric guitars for the first time this year. The third year of MGS will now include an all-new hall specifically for electric guitars, which will pave the way for the arrival of dozens of electric guitar luthiers as well as small manufacturers of high-end accessories, including amplifiers, pedals and effects. The event has also moved to Palais des congrès de Montréal to accommodate the increase in exhibitors and activities.

New electric guitar exhibitors include Henman-Bevilacqua, Nik Huber Guitars, Godin Custom Shop, Hahn Guitars, Fibenare, Teye Guitars, Scott Walker Custom Guitars and more.

Premier Guitar has teamed up with the Montreal Guitar Show for a special preview section of our online magazine. Click here to read about the artists, luthiers and activities surrounding July 3-5 show.

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